Combine the southern hip hop vibes of both North Carolina and the state of Texas, using only‘By Any Means Necessary’, attitude of the character ‘John Q’, played by Denzel Washingt the finest hip hop flavor and ingredients, and the group John Q is what one will come up with. on, can sum up the artist’s ideal mantra of success. The determined movie character also gave the rappers their band name.

     The dedicated and lyrical rap group ‘John Q’ is made up of two members – John Nelson (John), a native of Houston, TX and Quinton Jenkins (Q), a native of Rocky Mount, NC. Their duel presence makes their craft much more promising in the hip hop world than many. Having the common background of being intertwined within the disloyal street life and coming into only bad situations and issues, both artists realized fairly quickly that they would walk straight and narrow paths towards music, and allow their past mistakes to only inspire their talent. Using their past hardships and street circumstances, John Q, is able to make music that fans, and potential fans, can feel and relate to – the good and the bad.Real authentic music is necessary, according to John Q, because it derives from places in an artist’s soul where only the truth lies.

     Influenced heavily by the entire DJ Screw era, John, recalls hearing his first DJ Screw tape, and it hiking his desire to become an artist even more. Other influences such as: 36 Mafia, 8Ball & MJG, Outkast, and Project Pat, contribute to the elusive passions of both members of John Q – and similarities can be heard throughout their works. Presently, the hard working team works diligently on their debut project, after just recently dropping their first single ‘B*tch U Ain’t’. With the steady acts of investing in their craft, free styling on mainstream tracks, and focusing on perfecting their own original sound, John Q will bring a colossal awakening to southern music. The group aims to restore that ‘feel good’ down south sound, into the roots of hip hop with their lyrical contributions and power investment moves. Quality studio music, paired with crisp production and lyrical bars is what you can expect from these to dedicated artists. John Q will set themselves apart from others by delivering authentic sounds, opposite of anything politically fake.

     You’d want to stay in tuned to the future moves of John Q, by visiting and/or emailing for any inquiries. Follow John Q on Instagram @JohnQ_Muzik. Be prepared for new-born southern legends to break through the hip hop scene.



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